Netherlands part 3: Breda

Netherlands part 3: Breda

The next day after we had fun at the Strawberry festival (read it on Netherlands part 2: Strawberry Festival Zundert), my friend took us to see the city of Breda. Honestly, since the first time I heard the name “Breda”, it reminds me of a song by Tiesto I used to hear when I was in college called “Breda”. Come to think of it, “was that song named from this city? hmm.. maybe..? oh wait, Tiesto IS a Dutch, he IS from Netherlands, so I guess my thought was right, hahaha… right? (I’ll ask him someday if I meet him 😛 )

My friend took us to stroll around the central district in Breda (Breda Nassaustad). We went there by bus, it is very easy to get there because the bus stop is just in front of the shopping district near the nassaustad. We bought the day ticket (dagkaart) for the bus, which was 5 euro for 1 day from Zundert to Breda, for as much as bus use you want, back and forth, it is definitely cheaper than buying the ticket per trip (3 euro/trip). There are also other many choices of Dagkaart (day tickets) for farther cities, but mostly you have to buy it on designated stores such as Kruidvat, HEMA, Intertoys, or Albert Heijn (you can find these stores easily around Netherlands).

In front of the entrance to the shopping district in the central area of Breda

The shopping district consists of many fashion stores, like that one just behind me in the photo, Z*ra, or many other brands we know worldwide, such as H*M, Forever 2*, Pull & B*ar, Adid*s, etc, and also lots of Netherlands’ fashion stores & brands, such as Van H*ren, where I bought a pair of black suede boots, as I find it cheap (cheaper than the standard price of a pair of boots in Indonesia), and it has become my favorite boots ever since. After that we continued to walk to the center, and I started to see the point of a big church. I asked my friend, “Oh! is that a church over there?”, she answered, “yes, it’s the Grote Kerk”. (Grote = Big, Kerk = Church).

Welcome to the nassau town of Breda, that’s the “Big Church” behind me, named “Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk”, or the “Church of Our Lady”.

Here’s one of thing that fascinates me about Europe, the Catholic churches, they are all HUGE! I mean for me, seeing the biggest Catholic church in my country is a cathedral in Jakarta, which is like half or two third the size of all big churches I’ve visited throughout the big cities during my trip in Europe, and by having that as a comparison, I found myself always in an awe. Including this one, no wait, especially this one, because this was the first HUGE Catholic church I’ve ever seen! I mean look at my photo, I still look like “is this thing real?” (little that I know, that days later when I got to Paris, then Rome, oh man Rome, the “hugeness” for buildings, landmarks, etc, turned out to be “pretty normal” here in europe, lol)

I wanted to enter the church to see the inside, but too bad it’s already closed (it was around 4pm if I’m not mistaken). Here’s a little history lesson I got about that church, my friend’s papa in law said that inside that church, there are graves of the family members of the Lord of Breda, Henry III of Nassau-Breda, total is 17 family members. And also, turned out since 1637, this church is no longer a Catholic, but it is a Protestant church (hey! that means I can join the prayer in this one next time I visit Breda).

Since the church was already closed, so we continued to walk around and see some outdoor cafe nearby, then we decided to relax and order a drink. It is my (new) favorite drink, “chocomel”! Hahahaha, actually it’s just a hot chocolate, my friend introduced me to this simple yet yummy drink, especially with the slagroom (whipped cream), oh how I love it! the whipped cream is sooo good, not like the ones in my country, the whipped cream are tasteless. But here in Netherlands? the slagroom is sweet and soft and yummy! So, yeah, basically it’s a hot chocolate with very tasty whipped cream, lol. I remembered my friend was jokingly called by her husband as the “little girl” because she always orders chocomel. Well, I don’t mind being called that way too, because I also love warm chocomel, hahaha.

Look at the sky! it’s such a beautiful sunny day! after some walking & a little shopping, we found ourselves a spot to enjoy the ambience of this city central.
Our love for warm chocomel, hahaha. It’s perfect for a sunny cold summer day like this..

We had our chocomel at one of the cafe called De Colonie, it’s attached to a hotel named Hotel De Klok. The cost for our drinks was around 3 euro per glass.

We also walked around near the other side of the central, & that’s my mom posing beside the canal.

What’s next? I finally went to one of the famous tourist spot in Netherlands, it’s Volendam! Check out the fun stuff we’ve done at Volendam on my next blog post, stay tuned! 😉

You love traveling too? You never get enough of traveling like I do? Let me know your reasons and what excites you the most about traveling, on this simple polling below ^_^


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