Netherlands part 2: Strawberry Festival Zundert – Aardbeienfeesten

Netherlands part 2: Strawberry Festival Zundert – Aardbeienfeesten

After the wedding day (it’s on Netherlands part 1: a wedding), the newly weds took us to see the local annual festival in their town of Zundert, which is the Strawberry Festival (Aardbeienfeesten). I guess we were lucky to be there at that time, so we can see this old tradition of celebrating the harvests of Strawberry in the heart of Zundert. Starting from the beginning of the central area near the town hall, up to the end of the main street, this festival was held. There were lots and lots of different kind of bazaar, selling handcrafts, vegetables, snacks & food (my favorite because we get to taste them all for free!), art performers, and of course, strawberries! Check out my photo in front of a big strawberry statue.

That’s me & mom in front of a big strawberry statue on an old truck! how iconic is that!

And seconds after I took that photo, some of the local band group was eagerly curious looking at my “selfie stick”, I guess they never really saw anything like it, because then they suddenly surrounded us and wanted to join us in the picture together, hahaha. What a pleasant surprise from the warm and lovely people of Zundert.

Suddenly these folks from the local band curious to join us in the picture, and I just called them “come on here!” ^,^

We continued on to stroll around the festival afterwards, many people are enjoying the sun on many tables scattered across the street, and since the theme of the Strawberry festival that year was Vincent van Gogh (a little history note, this town of Zundert is where Vincent van Gogh was born and spent his childhood), so there were many of his art was displayed around. There are also many art performers, one of them dressed and looked like Vincent himself, and a group of performer displaying themselves as a “dark”-living-painting ( I get to take a selfie with one of these “dark” people, hahaha).

That’s the “dark” living painting I mentioned, they are real people posing in it!
Some of the crowd enjoying the sun at the Strawberry festival
Here’s what happened when you take a selfie with a dark man from a painting, you’ll be amazed on how thoroughly he painted his whole surface in black! only his eyeballs are white!

So people, if you happen to be around Netherlands in June, make sure to check out this Strawberry Festival in Zundert, traditionally held during the second weekend of June. It is FREE of charge, no tickets required to enter, and you get to taste & enjoy the local tradition & culture 😉


Next, I explore a city not far away from Zundert called Breda. How exactly does this city has to offer? Stay tuned on my next blog post for part 3! 😉


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