Netherlands part 1: a wedding

After the first day I arrived in Europe for the first time, and got a surprise by my friend (read the previous blog post “Touchdown at Brussels!“) Let me continue the story of my 30 days of journey around Europe..  (Actually, it’s more like 12-ish days around Europe, because most of it I spent it in Netherlands). The first week was about my friend’s wedding, the Strawberry festival in Zundert, the city of Breda, the very touristic fisherman village of Volendam, & hunting the iconic windmill near Zundert. And here is the first part!

The Wedding

My friend who is an Indonesian like me, was married to a Dutch guy, so the wedding was quite unique, because not only she will wear an Indonesian traditional clothes for the garden party, but some of her Indonesian friends who are attending the wedding will also wear it. These clothes really made impressions to the other guests as they never have seen such clothes, I can hear mumbles “it’s gorgeous”, “look at the details”, “so that’s the Indonesian dress, it’s beautiful”, etc. Well, it was surely one of the moments where I feel proud of my country, it sure is a beautiful country  😀

We’re the Indonesian ladies wearing our “Kebaya” for formal ceremonies. That’s me in Blue (I broke my heels right before the bride walked the aisle, so, yeah, lol)

For the ceremony, my friend the bride wore a white dress, but after the wedding ceremony, we had the garden party afterwards, and the bride changed her clothes into Kebaya also, in her favorite colour, purple.

Here are the newly weds, where the bride wore an Indonesian Kebaya. & It’s in her favorite color, purple

My mother felt proud to see the bride’s veil and the bride’s Kebaya, both looked beautiful on the bride. The wedding was wonderful, all of their guests and friends and family were filled with joy, enjoying their first dance with the music being played by the family band (the groom’s sister and brother play in it), the guests enjoyed some of Indonesian cuisines, saw some happy tears fell down from the groom’s parents too, it was a day full of blessing. The only things that are missing that day was the bride’s parents, well, I’m sure they’re both smiling down from heaven for her.

Next, I will tell you my experience of the Strawberry Festival in Zundert, it’s an annual culture festival to celebrate the harvest of strawberries. Stay tuned on my next blog post for the part 2 of my days in the Netherlands! 😉


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