Day 3 – Machida, Daiso and Ramen Museum!

This morning, I woke up from the futon, it was sooo comfy. While I gathered my soul into one piece again, I took a good look of the ceiling area of the room I was sleeping, which it can be modified to become the attic with an additional separator (based on the idea of my sister’s hubby), but my sister objected the idea, cuz the attic kinda reminds her of the scary movie “the grudge” / “ju-on”, ahaha..

Well, at first I wanted to giggle when I heard that, but when I looked at it, I couldn’t even let myself to take a peek inside of the attic ‘coz I also had a sudden goosebumps when I turned my head to it. So I said to myself “shinakute mo ii yo..” (I think I prefer not to..) while grinning a bit to my sister’s family, ahaha..

On this 3rd day, it has been planned by my sister & her husband, that we will go visit Machida. Machida is pretty much a shopping district with many choices of retail shops for fashion, food, and many other things. It’s one of my sister’s favorite place to shop, because it’s also quite near her house. The first thing I notice when I arrived at Machida was the way the people dress, gosh people are sooo well dressed (compared with what I see everyday in my country lol), and also that was the first time I see some real Japanese students with their nice uniform.

They look very very niiiiice..”, how my mind was put in an awe when I see those students with their winter uniform, the blazers, the bow ties, the plated skirts, I was like “I wish my uniform looked like that..” (compared to the school uniforms in my country? BORING)

In Machida, there’s the famous Daiso store (one price store), which is the biggest Daiso store in the whole Japan. Normally Daiso only consists of just 1 floor store, but this one has its own 5-story building! A huge one! surely will take a lot of time to stroll around in this one, haha. After satisfied walking and strolling around Machida area, shop a little bit here and there, my stomach began to crumble, and it was like my sister’s husband has a sixth sense or something he asked us what we want for dinner? Sushi or Ramen, he asked. I immediately answered with a shout of “Ramen!! ラーメン がだいすき! (I love Ramen!)“, my sister and her husband laughed and nodded “okay okay, ramen it is then!” yay~

The car drives out of Machida area and go straight to Shin-Yokohama district, and there we went to the Ramen Museum! Omg this place is like a village of Ramen shops, it’s inside a pretty big building. When you enter the building it looks like a normal modern building, but once you get inside and see the entrance of the Ramen Museum, I’m sure your jaw will be dropped. It looks like there’s a whole block of outdoor inside, YES, an Outdoor in an Indoor! They paint the ceiling and set the lights as if it’s always afternoon there with the blue sky painting and effects. You can see several different ramen shops and restaurants are placed side by side with each other, but the design makes everything looks like you’re in the 1920’s or something, very vintage, the old advertise board, the signs, furnitures, even the people who work there dress up like people from 1920’s, it’s amazing!

The way to order those ramen was also interesting, you order them through some machine, it looks like a vending machine, but it’s actually an ordering machine. You can choose which ramen shop, they have different style of ramen depending on which provinces they’re originating, ingredients, and sizes. Oh, they also provide small portion of ramen to order, in case you want to taste all the ramen from all of the shops there. The ramen was delicious, and we even had a photo session with one of the “vintage” police officer there, hahaha. The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is really a must visit place to see in Tokyo! I just love it!


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