Tokyo.. Day 2.. sunday..

My older sister was wearing a kimono! Kawaaiiii…!!!! (kawai means cute) She’s so pretty in her wedding kimono! Her husband also, Kaakkoooiiii….!!!! (kakkoii means cool, or awesome)


That day, everyone was so happy, truly a very happy & joyful day. So happy that my dad just simply couldn’t hold his tears of joy as he felt so much happiness..

During the wedding reception, there was a Japanese-Indonesian interpreter, who actually a friend of the happy couple, he is a very funny guy, he learned Indonesian during his study in one of the city in Java, Indonesia for 2 years.

Oh, btw, before the reception, I get to try my first yukata, and it’s in my favorite colour also, white! ^_^ So, how do I look? 31761_409002958024_7881077_n

After the wedding ceremony, we head home to my sister’s husband house. We slept in a japanese bed called “futon”, which reminds me of a cartoon series that I used to watch for years “Doraemon”, omoshiroi na..  (omoshiroi = interesting)


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