Paris, part 1: Midnight at Sacre Coeur

What to do in Paris when you arrived there late at night and you’re staying at Montmartre area? a midnight visit to Sacre Coeur!

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Netherlands part 4: Volendam

Netherlands part 4: Volendam After Breda (in case you weren’t tuned in yet, check out the previous part of my journey in Netherlands part 3: Breda), we visited a very touristic area of Netherlands, it’s the fishermen town of Volendam!  Where one of the “must do” thing there is to take photos wearing the traditional […]

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Netherlands part 3: Breda

Netherlands part 3: Breda The next day after we had fun at the Strawberry festival (read it on Netherlands part 2: Strawberry Festival Zundert), my friend took us to see the city of Breda. Honestly, since the first time I heard the name “Breda”, it reminds me of a song by Tiesto I used to […]

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Netherlands part 1: a wedding

After the first day I arrived in Europe for the first time, and got a surprise by my friend (read the previous blog post “Touchdown at Brussels!“) Let me continue the story of my 30 days of journey around Europe..  (Actually, it’s more like 12-ish days around Europe, because most of it I spent it […]

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Touchdown at Brussels!

I finally start to write a “real” travel blog post, and it will be about the first time I ever step on the land of Europe! OK,here goes.. I firstly entered Europe through Brussels, Belgium. It’s like more than 10,000 km from where I live! (it’s 11,429 km to be precise) it’s literally on the […]

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